”Serve it, smash it, win it, love it”

2tal Sport works for and with federations, clubs, coaches, and players.

We also have ideas and plans to work for and with parents, fans, companies, facilities and municipalities, and more. So everyone can contact us.

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2tal Sport offers:

We work with high quality and have many ideas and plans, but already we offer:

  • Guidance and inspiration for parents who are interested in supporting their children as best as possible in their sport
  • Lecture for companies and others about focus and performance
  • Cooperation concepts with municipalities and others to promote specific badminton or strategic work for volunteers
  • Tours to tournaments for fans … more to come

Do you want 2tal Sport’s help?

There are many stakeholders in the world of sports. Anyone can contact us about anything, for example:

  • Set-up and development of events
  • School championships, etc.
  • Health promotion in the workplace
  • Make Badminton Great Again events

Book us separately or together, just as we also work together with external forces, so the combinations can be many. We could go on, but contact us about your specific needs. We also say no if it is not a task for us, and are happy to refer to – and work with – others, but you can always ask.

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