“Life is short – get the best out of your sport”

2tal Sport solves tasks, just as we work together on tasks. We challenge them and we upgrade them in a 2tal perspective because we strive for sustainability, high quality, and fantastic experiences. We do it based in Denmark, but also internationally. We do it with a background from badminton in particular, but also for and with other sports. Not just on the field, but also off the field.

We want to be our customers’ preferred partner to get the best out of their sport because we

  • Wide-ranging. And provides greater and better user experiences
  • Solves tasks with high quality and expertise
  • Knows and shares the Danish “know-how”, but also because we bring home pearls of wisdom from the wider world to Denmark
  • Challenges and develops you. Not just on level, but also on, for example; future-proofing, diversity, and new and better forms of collaboration

We will specifically bring the sport of badminton

  • Together across geography all over the world
  • To a higher and more robust level within all target groups

We will also be the best choice for other sports when

  • They will draw experience from badminton and seek sparring in badminton
  • When they want to create interdisciplinary activities in collaboration with badminton for the benefit of all parties
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