”The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary”

Federations, and more can contact 2tal Sport about almost anything, and we – or together with you – solve a given challenge and a specific task for you. Also, we offer courses, events, webinars and podcasts, and more.
We have a great deal of experience, possess the expertise, and we think differently than most and to a sustainable degree, so our results are robust and future-proof. You can expect us to challenge you from a 2tal perspective!
Regardless of your size and level, 2tal Sport takes the task seriously and we work with it professionally and visionarily.
For example, we work with both visits – physical and online – and with short or longer courses. We do it in Denmark, but also globally because we want the best for the sport.
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2tal Sport offers:

We work with high quality and have many ideas and plans, but already we offer:

  • Consultant on special tasks
  • Fundraising
  • Project manager and/or facilitator on various processes and for various meetings, seminars, etc.

Do you want 2tal Sport’s help?

We love working with federations, and more, and you can contact us about anything. The possibilities are many, for example:

  • Sparring, training, and mentoring for managers, volunteers, coaches and players, and more
  • Recruitment, retention, care, training, and organization of managers and volunteers
  • Organizational development, including diversity
  • Networking – no one can do it alone, but together you are much stronger!
  • Consultant and/or project manager or similar on specific tasks, conflicts, challenges, or anything else crucial
  • A facilitator or similar for your seminar, conference, theme meeting, etc.
  • Individual tournaments and tours both nationally and internationally
  • Team tournaments and alternative tournaments, both development and optimization of current ones, but also the start of new ones
  • Competition structure
  • Training for players (team, pair, individual, category, etc.) in an agreed scope from 1 to several times.
  • Training camps and gatherings for players. 
  • Fundraising, sponsors, etc.
  • Job bank
  • Collaboration on the development of managers, coaches, players, and parents.

Book us separately or together, just as we also work together with external forces, so the combinations can be many. We could go on, but contact us about your specific needs. If we are already booked, we report it back, just as we also cancel if it is not a task for us and are happy to refer to – and work with – others, but you can always ask.

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